What problem can’t be solved with a little imagination – right? That’s what MILES thinks. As with any seven year-old boy, there’s no shortage of problems for Miles to work through. If things aren’t going my way, shall I sulk away or find a way to salvage the day? If I lose my Grandpa’s prized pocket watch, shall I ‘fess up or shall I fib and fib until I royally mess up? If everyone’s teasing the new kid, why should I be trying to please the new kid? Then everyone’s going to tease me! The infelicities of life profoundly challenge a child’s sense of how things should be.

Miles’ world is a child’s wonderland: he lives with his Grandma and Grandpa on Oyster Island; he sleeps in the crow’s nest atop their lighthouse and, when Grandpa calls him for breakfast each morning, Miles slides down the spiral banister past all the nooks and crannies of his fanciful tower; Miles’ playground is a pristine beach on a crystal-clear lagoon; and his two best friends are a mischievous otter named RELAY and a pensive bear cub named SCRAM. Each time Miles confronts a new dilemma, he and his friends head down to their favorite spot on the beach and draw a picture in the sand – a map, a contraption, a tickle-machine – anything that might help to solve the problem.

Miles’ imagination is so powerful that whatever he draws becomes a reality. But is that a good thing? If you ask Relay, anything Miles dreams up – no matter the string of catastrophes that might ensue—is a great idea! If you ask Scram – well, she will suggest they think on things a little bit longer.  Each episode focuses on a simple virtue and models problem solving with values-based actions, love and understanding.


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