Ann Powell

An entrepreneur with 27 years of business experience; former founder / owner of the iconic Donruss Trading Card Company as well as the Playoff and Score brands selling football, basketball, baseball and hockey trading & memorabilia.

Jamy Wheless

Influenced by comic books and art, Jamy Wheless started drawing memorable characters in grammar school and never looked back. After graduating with a degree in Visual Arts from Auburn University in 1987, he worked as a freelance illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia, where his illustration ability led to assignments in storyboarding and traditional animation. Inspired by the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, Jamy turned his talents towards computer animation.  He honed his digital skills working as an animator at one of the largest digital production facilities on the East Coast. In 1995, he caught the eye of George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic when his short film, Avery, premiered at SIGGRAPH. In 1996, he was hired by ILM to work on commercials as a technical director and character animator. In 2000, Jamy became a member of ILM’s feature production team, where he ultimately became responsible for the character development and performances of Yoda for the Star Wars prequels and Davy Jones for the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Jamy is one of the co-founders of Lightstream Animation Studios. As President and Animation Director, he leads the team as they continue to bring great characters to life for commercials, television, and feature films. He is currently the Animation Supervisor for Paramount’s feature film The Moon & the Sun.

John Helms

John graduated from Oregon State University where he studied Engineering and Art. He has worked as a Graphic Designer and Senior Artist on broadcast graphics and commercials. John joined ILM in 1996 as a technical director, specializing in shading, lighting and compositing. He was a CG Supervisor on Star Wars Episode III and was responsible for the look development of Yoda and digital doubles as well as the planning, development and execution for a number of sequences that included Yoda, digital doubles and the lava planet Mustafar. John serves in overseeing the look & lighting department, development of proprietary software, and the pipeline of the studio.

Douglas Kay

A 30 year entertainment industry executive with an extensive background in production, technology and finance. Previously he was President of Mondo Media, leading the company through three successful venture rounds and overseeing the company’s growth into a premier creator and distributor of animated content on digital platforms. Prior to that he was CTO of LucasArts Entertainment, and a founder of Industrial Light & Magic’s Computer Graphics group. He is the recipient of an Academy of Motion Pictures Technical Achievement award for his work in the development of digital compositing technology.



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